Cognasys was founded in 1991 by Dr. Steven R. Hofstein, an internationally known scientist and inventor. The holder of over 40 U.S. and foreign patents, Dr. Hofstein gained prominence through inventions that included the Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) transistor, Lithocon silicon storage tube, and the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Digital Watch. Dr. Hofstein saw an opportunity to apply his broad knowledge and experience in the scientific and engineering industries towards building a business application, using expert system technology, that would emulate a human's intelligence and reasoning for managing complex document and transaction driven processes.

Cognasys ES solutions can be developed in a fast and modular way by using existing knowledge and rule sets that are easily transferable and reusable. Cognasys provides complete consulting and support, as well as all special application development, available directly or in association with its industry partners. If your process involves knowledge workers, a Cognasys ES solution will automate and accelerate your process, increase accuracy of results, and provide your company with a significant competitive and cost advantage.


SAN ANTONIO, TX (January 26, 2010) SWBC is pleased to announce that it has purchased the technology of Cognasys LLC, a leader in the field of artificial intelligence based software solutions, as part of the continuing expansion of its unique position in the growing market of complex document process automation. Cognasys ES, well-known in the industry as the expert system solution for document process automation, will continue to grow with the strength of SWBC's capabilities behind it.

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