Smart Document Processing

Traditional OCR models are simply data-capture applications that are based on knowing a form’s specific layout and then building a template so the data needed can be extracted. OCR applications, which do not have the intelligence for handling exceptions, pass the data directly to the host system where the cost of correcting errors increases.

Solving Your Most Complex Document Needs Through Innovation


Cognasys eliminates the limitations of traditional document processing which requires the use of predefined templates. Since Cognasys is “template-less”, modifications are not required whenever a form changes and/or a new one is introduced.


Cognasys is able to recognize what type of form is being processed and knows what information to extract and process —all without any human intervention. This means your documents can be processed faster, more predictably, with better quality, and at a significantly lower cost.

With Cognasys, your company will be able too:

Receive any document. Whether scanned paper document or fax, emailed as a PDF or Word document, or transmitted as multiple documents via a FTP batch file.

Handle multiple documents. When multiple documents are sent in a single batch transmission, Cognasys will split, merge, and sort them into the order needed.

Determine the type of document. Regardless of whether the format is structured (“template") or unstructured ("template-less"), Cognasys has the intelligence to know what form is being processed.

Understand what data is important. Cognasys uses business rules, a knowledge base and inference engine to make judgments about what data needs to be extracted and processed.

Solve issues early on. Identifies errors and exceptions prior to sending the information to your host system where error correction is typically more complex and costly.

Rely on accurate and consistent results. Remove the variability of individual human reasoning and judgments - bases decisions on results that are dependable and reproducible.

Some solutions can scan and route documents,
Some solutions can image and index documents,

   One solution can think and process documents like a
human – that’s what we offer.