The possibilities are endless...


As a leader in the field of Expert Systems solutions, Cognasys is committed to exploring new ideas and ways to do business. At Cognasys, we help our customers expand their capabilities through solutions that provide the information and knowledge needed to make fast, accurate and reproducible decisions - each and every time.

According to Forrester Research, American workers spend $404 billion annually, or 11% of all U.S. wages, looking for the information they need to do their jobs.

Begin with possibilities — End in realities!

Process with Confidence and Intelligence

The knowledge acquisition bottleneck has become the major impediment to the development of viable business solutions. New techniques must be used for capturing and processing the knowledge needed to move your business forward quickly.

Cognasys allows you to distinguish yourself by removing the obstacles associated with “human intervention“ for processing knowledge and making decisions:

  • Transmit 100% verified transactions to your host system
  • Present uncertainties and exceptions to a verify operator
  • Remove the variability of “individual decision-making”
  • Grow your corporate knowledge base by storing what was learned for future use
  • Drive growth by eliminating the need to train workers on each customer’s unique business rules

Expert System What is an Expert System?

Expert systems use a knowledge base of information transferred from human experts (facts, relationships, probabilities, etc.), a set of rules for applying the knowledge, and an inference engine that is the “brain" that formulates conclusions from the knowledge base. Expert systems are unique since they can work with incomplete or unavailable information, and produce.