Not all companies benefit the same from maximizing the productivity of their knowledge workers. The key to understanding if you are a good candidate for an expert system —> identifying the areas where optimizing the productivity the knowledge workers will have the greatest impact to the bottom line.

  • Does your company have the need to optimize the productivity of its workforce?
  • Do your knowledge workers play a critical role to the success of your company?
  • Does your workforce require extensive training in order to understand decisions and develop judgment?
  • Does your company make complicated decisions that require comprehensive human expertise which cannot be easily transferred?
  • Does your company rely on a certain level of industry expertise and knowledge to provide the type of customer service(s) that set you apart from competitors?
  • Does your company use business rules, which vary by customer, to make decisions on information?
“ … [in the coming years] more than 20 percent of all Information and Communications Technology investments will be targeted specifically at improving the productivity of knowledge workers….." A. Kyte, Garter Inc.