Dr. Hofstein


Founder and Chief Scientist - Cognasys

Dr. Steven R. Hofstein, a well-known scientist with over 40 patents, has had his long and successful career and inventions chronicled by publications that include the New York Times, Newsweek, Business Week, Electronic Engineering Times, Circuit News, U.S. Patent office, etc.

NEWSWEEK - February 1963. The MOST - RCA Announces the Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Transistor Integrated Circuit which may prove to be the next revolution in electronics.

CIRCUIT NEWS - February 1979. History of the Semiconductor Industry - the Invention of the Field-effect Transistor (MOSFET) which spurs the technological revolution.


DAVID SARNOFF RESEARCH CENTER RCA LABS - "These (MOSFET) transistors are used in virtually every electronic device and circuit and may be the most widely manufactured item in human history".

EETIMES 25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION. Hofstein organized what was to be the first professional conference ever held in Las Vegas - the 1965 IEEE Silicon Interface Specialist Conference.

US PATENT OFFICE - April 1970. Patent Number 3,505,804 Solid State Clock comprising an integrated circuit in combination with a Liquid Crystal Display and battery.

NEW YORK TIMES - January 1972. Electronic Tube Stores Images - . Patents: Wide Uses in Prospect for a Tube that Stores Images.

NEW YORK TIMES - March 1972. Television Frame-Snatching - . Play-back Storage Spawning a Business.

BUSINESS WEEK - June 1972. A deep freeze for TV Frames.

MCGRAW-HILL ELECTRONICS - February 1973. Silicon-Target Storage Tubes - New Applications are Multiplying - . Including Airport X-ray and Ultrasound Machines.

THE JAPANESE CONNECTION - 1975. The Japan Radio Corporation (JRC) and Princeton Electronics joint venture - the 8500M Intelligent Graphic Computer Terminal


BLOOMBERG BUSINESS WEEK 1962. Retelling Computer History

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY A New Form of Transistor The Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor

THE NOTCH - The Assurant Group’s Newsletter - 2000. Outsourcing system learns as it processes."


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